Becoming a Personal Chef was a natural evolution for me. In my opinion, spending time enjoying good food with family and friends is one of life's cherished rewards. With my husband immersed in his work as GM at Trio and the kids flying the coop I realized I was loosing my audience. At the same time I was coming to the conclusion that my 20 plus years in the restaurant biz had played itself out. I wasn't sure what I was going to do; I only knew that I wished to tap into my passions. In 2006 I headed down the path that ultimately led to the creation of my Personal Chef business, "I Dream of Dinners."

But enough about me! What you really need to know is that I LOVE what I do!! I love good food, I love creating good food, and I really love sharing good food. My goal is to get busy people back to the table, people like you who recognize the importance of wholesome meals but have other things to do besides plan, shop and cook. My satisfaction comes from knowing that my clients are eating well and enjoying time to do the things that are important to them.

Personal Chef Gayle has lived in the Cincinnati area for over 30 years. She has successfully completed training with the Culinary Business Academy, is a member of the United States Personal Chef Association, is licensed, fully insured and certified in both food safety and handling.

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